Harbin Ice Wonderland Bangkok

New Experiences of … Winter in Summer The world’s most innovative advanced registration technology (From Germany) is used to create a winter wonderland at -15 ?C. This is the first creation of a vast winter wonderland in Thailand where you can fully enjoy your new experience in our ice art exhibition. Inside you will sense the extreme coolness and find great, dazzling and magnificent ice art together with simulated snow falling to fulfill a taste of pleasure and unforgettable happiness.

World landmarks and art of coolness … We were honored by several prominent ice carving masters from Harbin to delicately create a variety of magnificent ice art including iconic world landmarks and your favorite famous locations such as London’s Big Ben, Paris’s Eiffel Tower and more. We also present Thai art, culture and mixed-media art in the form of 3-meter high ice sculptures using ice cube dyeing techniques to enhance the beauty of the ice art to create a beautiful unique impression.

Price Includes

  • Admission fee.


  • Opening Hours: 9:30 – 21:30
  • How to get there: Harbin ICE wonderland is located just a few steps away from BTS station Bearing, Exit 2.
  • The leisure park is kept at a temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius and features ice sculptures created by artists from Harbin City of northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province.

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